..lace and frills..


July 31, 2008 by Jo


Mom and I met with the talented and amazing Alison and poured over books and pictures, finally deciding that the best place to start is to try on ACTUAL DRESSES at an ACTUAL STORE.

This scares me to death.

Have you ever seen that episode of Sex & the City where Carrie and Miranda, just foolin’ around, go to some cheap dress store and start trying on these horrible-looking rags and about 5 SECONDS into wearing the dress Carrie freaks out and ends up with a rash?

This scares me to death.

For some reason I just don’t SEE myself in one of those big fluffy numbers from some store with snooty girls who look you up and down and snarl “you’re an 8” and you look back like WHAAA? I am MOST DEFINITELY not even a 4 so don’t go there Alpha Alpha Gam!

But luckily Alison is absolutely amazing and works part-time at the least snooty store of them all so we are going to meet and I’m going to try on about eleven dresses. YES, eleven. And I’m not saying that I won’t stumble on to the perfect one there, but I hope not. There is nothing I want more than a handmade dress that I can pass on to my girls.


I ordered swatches today of silk duponi in 3 different shades of white/ivory because that particular material will fall beautifully without being all princess-y and gross and hopefully after tomorrow evening I will know exactly which style I like on my body. This one and this one are my two favorites right now. Maybe we’ll just combine the two. Woot!


In other news, I dropped some moola on a new ride yesterday! I ended up going with this one; a little more expensive but a much better fit. I can’t wait to ride to work tomorrow WHOOHOO!

Alright. Must…relinquish…brain…back…to…work…stuff…


One thought on “..lace and frills..

  1. Taylor says:

    just please promise me you won’t end up with some dress with a strapless boned bodice and tulled skirt like EVERY modern bride seems to be wearing these days!

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