..two wheels..


July 30, 2008 by Jo

Today we had another counseling session which was awesomeawesomeawesome.

For some reason I always get stage fright right before these sessions. I don’t know why, but the butterflies attack. There are probably several causes for these flutters, but I like to think that the main one is that it makes it all so real. Like, FOR REAL I AM GETTING MARRIED TO THE MOST AMAZING MAN I HAVE EVER KNOWN.



So this whole counseling thing draws my attention back to that fact…the fact that in, oh, 115 days (thank you, obnoxious www.theknot.com checklist) I’ll be Mrs. Jeff White. Which is pretty dern cool.


Tonight is HUGE HUGE HUGE. Mom and I are headed out to Alison’s shop for my first meeting with her about my dress. Couture? YES. I am getting my dress made for me and I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER.

Then, after that meeting in Harvest and probably dinner on the way back in to town, I will meet Jeff and we shall traipse over to the valley Supre Target (must be uttered in much reverance and ONLY with a french accent) where I will purchase THIS:

YES! It is a gorgeous Schwinn. My version, however, has the high traditional bars and a bracket for my basket on the back WOOT WOOT WOOT!!

Then, after the purchasing of the bike, we shall drive over the mountain (which is through the woods) and drinketh the beer with the ScoMo.



One thought on “..two wheels..

  1. lynds says:

    no waaaay i am so jealous you’re getting your dress custom made! yay jo! :o)

    cool bike!

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