June 1, 2008 by Jo

Well, we’re home.

Top 3 Moments of the Weekend:

3. Picture this: we’re walking down Bourbon Street. I’m wearing my newly puchased vintage Gunne Sax dress. My hair is down, minimal makeup. Suddenly a group of grown women ambush me, screaming to another group of ladies: “THIS ONE!! HERE, HEEEERE!!!” They all surrounded me and asked me to smile as they clicked a digital photo, Jeff watching in awe. “So, um, what are we doing?”, I asked. One of the gals turns to me and says, “We’re on a Sex In the City scavenger hunt and you look just like Charlotte!!”. They dart off to hunt a Samantha or Carrie as Jeff awards me with a high five.

2. Talking to a random group of strangers at Coops; they asked where to eat, what to see, etc. and thought we were natives. I told them we were all New Orleanians at heart. The rest of the weekend, whenever we crossed their path again (which was an unusually high number of times), they would yell, “HEY! Didn’t you two lovebirds just get engaged?!”. Everyone is a friend in the Big Easy.

And the top…

1. Friday evening as we gathered to eat my birthday dinner at Pere Antoine’s, I anticipated the arrival of my Mom and oldest sister Jeanette, who’d been at the beach and hadn’t seen my ring in person or been able to pat Jeff on the back. They came in and after embraces and smiles and excitement Jeanette says they have one more present for me…and in walks my sweet baby sister. Flew all the way from New York just to spend the weekend with us in another New city. And then (tying for the top spot on the list) Saturday night at the Cat’s Meow Karaoke on Bourbon she stilled the crazy bar with her voice and Mom and I both did what we always do when Katie performs…teared up. Katie, thank you for coming, thank you for being the loyal, loving sister you are, and I can’t wait to hear you sing again soon.

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday weekend perfect…26 looks to be the best year yet.


One thought on “..back..

  1. Jeanette says:

    i love you jo!!

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