..nola: day two..

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May 29, 2008 by Jo

Beautiful day outside. Beautiful day inside. Beautiful.

Had lunch at Coop’s Place (as usual). Delicious (as usual). The bartender recognized us. Stupid college freshmen from some choir at some college created a big scene when they were ID’d by her. Because of the gambling machines at Coop’s, no one under the age of 21 is allowed. They got pissed and made some smart comments. Dudes didn’t see the BIG HUGE sign outside, obviously…

Walked and shopped and did the usual. Jeff found some great shorts. I tried on a million pairs of shoes for my birthday dinner tomorrow night but didn’t find any yet. Got a great dress on MAJOR sale at Anthropologie and cannot WAIT to wear it for the party.

Stopped in at Napoleon House at random for a drink and a snack. A couple about my parent’s age came in and sat next to us at the bar. Conversation ensued like it usually does and in the course of our talk it was revealed that the couple was headed to Tennessee later this year. We asked why and they looked at each other and then revealed more…they were headed to The Farm. THE FARM!!! I was so excited! The Farm is a commune not 1.5 hours north of Huntsville where several of my friends have gone to have their babies naturally. As we started to talk further, we discovered that they’d had their children there in the 70’s and then homeschooled…it was like we were talking to ourselves 30 years down the road. When we left after exchanging cards and pleasantries and walked out into the sunshine, Jeff and I got so excited. It was like we’d had an insight into the kind of laidback, cool, natural people we wanted to be when we grew up. Beautiful.

So tonight we’ve taken it easy. We’re about to go walk down Bourbon and then go to Harrah’s for the free drinks and nickel slots (which I LOOOOVE).

More tomorrow…it’s my birthday!



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