..day one..


May 27, 2008 by Jo

We’re engaged.

I still can’t quite believe it.

This ring is so beautiful. I cannot stop looking at it in all of its antique, white gold, .85 carat glory. It is totally unique, original, me.

I absolutely had no idea he was going to ask me last night, but EVERYONE ELSE did. His plan was to propose from the stage in front of the entire crowd during the opening Concert In the Park. When the concert was rained out it was time for Plan B.

(this entire time, by the way, I’ve expected the whole thing to happen in New Orleans).

So…once the concert is shut down I head to Tyler’s for his cookout where Jeff and the kids are waiting for me. We hang out for quite awhile and I notice that Jeff is doing his best to catch me alone, which never really happened. Plan C?

We go to Jeff’s. The kids get ready for bed and give us our goodnight hugs and kisses. We settle back on the couch to enjoy “My Name Is Earl” and each other’s company.

I get up to answer my phone (now I realize that everyone was trying to figure out what was going on…nosy bunch) and when I come back to the couch I see a box-shaped lump in Jeff’s pocket. I asked what it was and he wanted to know “who told”. We joked around for a few minutes and all of the sudden he gets down on one knee and before I know it I’m screaming yes and crying my eyes out. I won’t gross you out with the beautiful words he used to ask me. I’ll just say it was absolutely, 100% perfect. 

And after all that, today has been an almost perfect day. Work was wonderful, our evening together has been wonderful. Tomorrow evening we head to New Orleans for my birthday weekend, and I cannot wait to eat that amazing food, see those amazing musicians, visit the amazing galleries…

Yes, I came here to blog brag. What can I say? You would too.


3 thoughts on “..day one..

  1. ness1905 says:

    It is realy good for you to have lots of plans 🙂

  2. Samantha says:

    I am so happy for you. You guys are wonderful together.

    The first few days after the proposal are wonderful. It’s like a pre-honeymoon. But then again, that feeling never goes away (at least it hasn’t for me..).

    Have an amazing birthday weekend.

    You deserve it!

    Love you

  3. Wendy Morgan says:

    Congrats Jo. I so happy for you guys. So wonderful.

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