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May 4, 2008 by Jo

Well. I suppose I should post.

Panoply was outstanding. I know it’s cliche, but to watch the volunteer spirit in action is totally fulfilling. I love my job. I still just can’t believe how blessed I am.

Now on to Concerts In the Park and ArtVentures. Should be amazing.

Of course, life hasn’t slowed down a bit even though I’ve had Thursday and Friday off this week to recover from the Panoply overtime. We went and looked at some houses Friday and then I spent yesterday (and some money) on myself…I bought a gorgeous shirt at Anthropologie and a new blazin’ hair dryer at ULTA…getting ready for Dining With Friends, a benefit for the Aids Action Coalition. It’s a great fundraiser for a great cause; hosts all over the county hold dinner parties in their homes and then everyone meets at the end of the night for champagne, dancing, and an auction. I was asked to host a party, so my dear friend Elizabeth and I held a laid back soiree at her house on Randolph before heading over to the HUGE dessert party at the VBC. Jason and Ambaa were with me the entire night (since Jeff and Tyler were shooting pictures for the function) and we had a great time closing out the evening at Jazz Factory.

I’ve arrived? Maybe.

Today I spent the afternoon as Lena Mitchell, the alleged Gypsy Queen who is buried in Maple Hill Cemetery. Every year the Huntsville Pilgrimage Association puts on the Cemetery Stroll and for the first time I was asked to portray one of the characters. It was a blast and I hope they ask me back.

On Wednesday I fly to New York for a lovely 3.5 days with my immensely talented and beautiful sister Katie. She’s auditioning like crazy right now-trying out for Hair tomorrow and did Spring Awakening auditions last week-and finishing up her first year at Circle In the Square Theatre School. We’re planning to see Gypsy with Patti Lapone, visit the Bronx Zoo, watch Eyes Around play a showcase, and go see the Statue of Liberty from Battery Park. I’m pumped to get away for a couple of days, shop at H&M, and see her. Thank goodness.

Speaking of trips…we leave in no time at all for my birthday weekend in New Orleans. We’re staying Wednesday-Sunday and I couldn’t be MORE READY. It seems like Jeff and I have hardly any time to ourselves lately; when we don’t have the kids, we’ve got parties, work, civic functions, rehearsals…BLECH. I cannot wait to just walk around with him, with no plan or purpose, just intent on being together.

After writing all of that I realize I am too busy to get on here and bitch about stuff. So goodnight-I have a sandwich to eat (and that’s not a euphemism, although salami is included…) and a bed calling my name.


One thought on “..just because..

  1. Megan says:

    dude I love Dining with Friends. I had so much fun the year I went!

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