..25 days..


March 31, 2008 by Jo

It is very nice to have extremely talented people tell you how excellent their experience was at your theater, to have them be so positive about the production they were part of there. After working with people in other places and productions who are not so positive (or nice, or friendly. At all. Or professional, for that matter) on other endeavors it has been awesome to get a hug and smile and a thank you and know that we made something pretty darn special.

Now we’re on to the next thing. After playing June Sanders for the past two years in Sanders Family Christmas, I am thrilled to portray her in the prequel to that show, Smoke On the Mountain. Moons ago I assisted with the lighting on a revival of the TRTC production of Smoke and loved every moment of it. It is so much fun to be with the same cast again…now if I can just get a grasp on what June was like before she fell hard and fast for the Reverend.

Speaking of hard and fast…we made our hotel reservations for my birthday trip to New Orleans! As of right now, Jason, Jake, Megan, Shelli, my Mom, Jeanette, and Tyler have said they are coming. THIS MAKES ME DO A HAPPY DANCE. I am expecting big things for my birthday and I am pumped to have such dear people with us for whatever may happen.

Well I suppose that’s all. For now.


One thought on “..25 days..

  1. Megan says:

    speaking of NOLA, which i am TOTALLY FREAKING STOKED ABOUT, I was going to stay with Hannah to cut down on some costs, but she might not be there now and it might be more fun to stay where everyone is staying anyway so send me the link or info for where people are staying so I can check prices and availability and what not.
    LuSh YoU

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