March 30, 2008 by Jo

I am learning to keep my opinions about especially relative subjects (like a woman’s choice of birth method, homeschooling, etc.) to myself in a crowd. This is difficult, especially when the crowd seems to have the opposite opinion of the one I hold.

For instance…being a product of homeschooling means I’m pretty passionate about people understanding it. I’m so tired of the stigmas and stereotypes; aren’t we all too smart for that?

And after spending the past six months reading just about (I swear) every blog, book, and magazine article on childbirth methods in our country I have a soapbox I’ve been carrying around. Last night I stood and listened to several extremely smart women discuss their chosen methods and I made it through without climbing on my potato crate. I am proud of myself because I could tell that these particular women (most of whom I totally adore and admire) would never see eye to eye with me and instead of slipping into the judgmental, confrontational shoes of 2005 Jo I simply nodded and listened and learned.

Quiet soul, Jo, quiet soul. I am growing.

On to other things…

When you see a show that has a director with a vision, a thought-out, natural, and practiced cast, an organized rehearsal process, and a production team that supports the director’s vision, it makes you glad you’re a part of Huntsville’s theater community. When you see a show that does not meet that criteria, however, it makes you wish you had an ice pick to drive through your eye.

“He has a level of…moral ambiguity that renders me unable to be anywhere near him”.

Tye’s new shirt is going to look sooo good on him ({!}). Pictures BETTER be posted, Ambaa.

KJW will be 4 tomorrow, and she read her first words earlier this week. She received a birthday card in the mail from Jeff’s dad and stepmom and was able to sound out the words on the front (“For you, sweetie!”) with very little help, screaming with glee each time she figured one out. I cannot explain the sheer joy produced from this experience. I definitely had tears in my eyes and a catch in my throat, and she was extremely pleased with herself. Hopefully it will catch on and we’ll have an early reader on our hands. Her older brother is obsessed with his books, reading on a much higher grade level than his own, and I’m sure that has had a huge effect on his sister.

I found myself at a community production of The Vagina Monologues earlier this week and it was exactly what I expected it to be; empowering, moving, and well produced with a level of amateurness which kept the show very genuine and natural. I truly believed in the passion behind each woman’s presentation and had the feeling (given the naturalness of delivery for many of the actresses) that some of them had or still dealt with their particular monologue’s issue. It was interesting to say the least and I’m glad RT was able to help, even if Bob’s name was wrong on the poster. Ha. I hope we’re able to help again next year in any way we can.

We start rehearsals for Smoke On the Mountain tomorrow night. Sigh. I’ve just got to live through April.

Speaking of that, you have NO IDEA what “busy” is. So don’t even try. You have NO IDEA.

I hope I age well. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to look at yourself in the mirror and see absolutely no remnants of your remaining self. I saw someone this weekend that I hadn’t in a while and just felt totally sorry for her. After listening to her latest life stories I just felt overwhelmed with pity for her and the sadness that rules her life. And earlier this month I ran into this guy I had a crush on in high school and he looked a decade older than he should and it scared me. The crazy sadness in his eyes made me promise myself that I would NEVER lose whatever shred of self-respect I have and let myself become lazy or allow self-loathing to take over the way it seemed he had. I just pray I can keep the habits I have right now (everything from what I eat to how I operate at work to the care I put into my appearance) because it seems that this laziness just latches on.

Alright. Enough of my blabbering. Maybe another post shall come. Sooner than later this time. 


6 thoughts on “..facts..

  1. Aardvark says:

    The other day a lady asked me when I was “due”…when i told her I was going in on the 14th she went on and on about how babies shouldn’t be scheduled and that i should rethink having a c-section and blah blah blah. I do agree that people frequently “schedule” their births for convenience but this woman had no knowledge of my medical history and yet she felt like she could judge my decision. It took a lot for me not to try and justify myself to her…but I realized that I didn’t have to. My doctor and I have weighed the options, I have done lots of research and we are proceeding with the course of action we feel is safest for me and the baby. Ahhhhh,,,sorry to rant but it is something I just dealt with 😉

  2. Jo says:

    That’s my point exactly; you have educated yourself about childbirth and chosen the method that is best for you. Unfortunately, too many women my age just don’t know any different than what they see in the movies. Then they get pregnant and instead of weighing all of their options they just do whatever the medical industry tells them to; sometimes that’s OK but at other times…anyway, I decided this year that while I may not have a baby for another lifetime, at least I will be as educated as possible about my choices. And that’s what my soapbox says in a big purple stamp on the front: “AT THE VERY LEAST…EDUCATE YOURSELF”. I could care less about the choice you make in the end as long as you haven’t become a lemming.

  3. Aardvark says:

    Didn’t Christina Auguilera have an elective c-section?

  4. Megan says:

    ahhh yes the aging process 😉

    well as of yet you definitely have nothing to worry about. In fact, at the St. Patty’s Day shin dig I told Jeff how you are one of those really lucky gals that just seems to get more beautiful as time goes on…

    you suck for that by the way 😉

  5. Shelli says:

    I’ll have you know that I love your soap boxes. I also love that when I get stressed at work, like today, I read your blogs. AND, look at Kaitlin’s beautiful face.

    Love you.

  6. Jo says:

    Ronda-That’s the rumor. I also hear that Victoria Beckham has had 3 combined with a tummy tuck. I’ve Googled that one and all I can find is a supposed nurse leaked that to the press. Whatever. I see absolutely nothing wrong with scheduling the birth; I just don’t want girls making decisions like that without being educated about how to create their birth plan, what the best position for birth is, the availability of doulas, etc.

    Shelli-That’s why you’re my best friend…most of the time, you get up on the soapbox with me. 🙂


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