..for the Ks..


March 22, 2008 by Jo

So since my amazing little sister is getting back to blogging, along with one of her best friends (who might as well be a Broad), I guess I should post.

This time of year is simply insane for me and that is no exaggeration. With the festival right around the corner, scheduling for our summer concert series, TONS of theater stuff, and trying to have a LIFE outside of all that…it’s cuh-razy.

I’m definitely suffering a terrible case of I’m-not-good-enough-oh-my-Lord-when-will-I-ever-catch-up-my-life-is-so-overwhelming but luckily Jeff is the most amazing man in the world. He has gone above and beyond the call to make sure I’m taken care of. I have a moment about twice a week where I call him and ask him to tell me I’m good at my job. And he tells me I’m good at my job. And somehow I feel better.

We opened Almost Blue last night on the Alpha Stage at Renaissance; my first go-round as a producer. I was off work Friday, so we spent the day at the theater, cleaning and getting everything ready for it. The theater ended up looking totally gorgeous; Bob and the guys created a beautiful lobby area in the large room next to the theater. The crowd naturally gravitated to that area and I felt really good about the vibe. The show is intense and really REALLY good. Really.

Now that I’m writing all of this and looking at the past couple of weeks…I feel good. Not everyone has it as great as I do, and I really should be more appreciative.

So I will.


2 thoughts on “..for the Ks..

  1. yeah you SHOULD be appreciative cause MY LIFE SUCKS.
    hahahahahaha just kidding. thank you for posting sister, i liked reading it. call me soon!

  2. kendrakizer says:

    a little bit of crazy never hurt anyone…right? dear lord, just keep us crazy people sane! haha!
    and i agree. hoorah for posting!

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