March 22, 2008 by Jo

Did anyone see Saturday Night Live this weekend with Jonah Hill (of Knocked Up and Superbad) fame? It was fantastic. I don’t know what they’ve changed when it comes to SNL, but each episode gets better and better.

Anyway I say all that to say that Tracy Morgan, while obviously iniebriated, was cracking me UP as a guest on Weekend Update. You can see it here; just scroll down and click on the first video…watch through the end…BWAHA.


This website is hilarious (thanks Ronda!)


I’m pumped about this film.


I’m about to start reading this.


This should be interesting (even though I despise Phantom).

That’s all.


3 thoughts on “..drivel..

  1. Eric Atkins says:

    I was impressed at how comfortable Jonah Hill was on SNL. I could see him becoming a regular.

  2. Jo says:

    Me too, E. And I hope he is. Usually there’s at least one sketch I don’t like…not this week.

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