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March 6, 2008 by Jo

I pulled in to the parking lot with a feeling of apprehension. I always get that feeling as I drive through the gates to the back, though…this was nothing new. But I saw a blessedly familiar sight on the loading dock: my former co-worker, taking a smoke break. I knew this would be a good visit.

After a hug and “how are you”s we headed in to the rental counter. There was Marcus, who always had an encouraging word for me when I worked there, ready with my rental. There was the old warehouse and counter, bathrooms and prep area…all the same.

I followed him into cube world to see my absolute favorite colleague, who had stories of her new grand-baby and wanted to hear about the last 3 years of my life. I tried to breathe it out as quickly as possible and got into a¬†discussion about my latest beliefs, feelings, discoveries…all to the delight of the old-school liberal I’d always loved to talk to.

We walked back out after a good fifteen minutes of chat time, I grabbed my gear, and I was off.

Sometimes you have to go back to see how far you’ve come.


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