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March 2, 2008 by Jo

Well, we watched quarterlife tonight, which we had DVR’ed.

It was totally inane. I mean, we almost didn’t make it through the whole episode. IT WAS THAT BAD. The premise of a bunch of young adults (yes, people my age, supposedly…) kind of (we’re not sure) living together, working, and blogging…blech. It was awful.

Especially the girl who video blogged about everything; talk about a horrible way to expound upon a plot. Good grief. She had total diahhrea of the mouth and then gave the usual, “oh no, I can’t help it, I’m a writer, I am so honest about people and therefore can say whatever I want and put it all over the Internet and not care about who I hurt in the process” and the WORST PART is that all of her friends were OK with it and forgave her by the end of the show.

It’s no wonder that the second episode, which was supposed to air tonight, was nowhere to be found.

Great show about twenty-somethings dealing with the difficulties of modern life? To quote Andy Samburg as Diablo Cody, “I blog to differ”!


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