..let it flow..


February 29, 2008 by Jo

Last night was almost exactly as predicted, except work didn’t cease until 9:15. Ah, the life of a major event planner.

Jeff has been sick (he got it from me, I’ll admit it). I’m still suffering from a bad sore throat, but otherwise my fever and sinus stuff is mostly gone. This could be because of the INSANE amount of vitamins I take regularly (thank you Netter)…or it could be because I CANNOT BE SICK RIGHT NOW. Jeff’s had a fever which finally broke last night and seems to be finished with him, but his throat still hurts and the sinus headache has stuck around.

Monday, when I was home sick, I got such a nice surprise.

Kaitlyn and I were playing Barbies and watching Pride & Prejudice (which she loved. Lots of “what’d she say?” and “what’s that mean?”, though) when we heard a knock at the door. Thinking it was Connor and Jeff, Kaitlyn runs see them. I force myself off the couch, wrap up in my robe, and start to hobble to the front of the house. I make it to the hallway and there’s Kaitlyn, with quite the dour look on her face.

“It’s not Daddy,” she says in her best monotone.

“Um…so did they leave?”

“It’s not Daddy,” she repeats as she grabs my hand and leads me to the door. And through the window I see the confused face of Chris Carter.

“HOLY CRAP! CHRIS CARTER!” I fling open the door to a smile, a hug, and some flowers with an explanation that the flowers are for me but beer is coming for Jeff.

We sat on the front porch laughing at Kaitlyn and catching up until Jeff and Connor arrived. Chris let us each hold his Actor’s Equity card and told us about his latest audition. I am so glad he’s home, and I do so enjoy his company and I know Jeff does too. He is so funny and lighthearted, and I’m glad to call him my friend.

Not only that…but how nice it is when people just let the water run under the bridge and don’t build up this big, unnecessary dam to interuppt the flow. Conflict happens, and then resolution in some form or another, and then maybe one day everybody ends up sitting on the front porch together, laughing at old jokes and making new memories.

It’s only impossible when you make it that way.


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