..weak week..

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February 15, 2008 by Jo

I’ve experienced bad theater.
I’ve been called “radiant, precious one” more times than I can count.
I’ve cried a little.
I’ve laughed a LOT…
I’ve worked. Probably worn myself out. And the week is far from over.
I’ve eaten way too much. You would not believe it if I told you.
I’ve chuckled at what a DOUCHEBAG you are and yet you persist…
I’ve thrown in the towel.
I’ve picked out a ring.
I’ve visited Sam & Greg’s twice in 36 hours.
I’ve received a phone call that made me cry (because she was crying).
I’ve picked out some shows.
I’ve removed myself.
I’ve felt really pretty.
I’ve made myself ugly.
I’ve made my point and stuck by it.
I’ve rolled my eyes at you because you deserved it.
I’ve won.
I’ve been paid and paid some.
I’ve listened to a great children’s performer.
I’ve become a decision maker.
I’ve certainly had a weak week.


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