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February 13, 2008 by Jo

I wrote a really great post earlier today but I’m smart enough not to post it. Saved and locked away so I can chuckle at it whenever I wish. I will say, however, that there is one thing that really, truly bothers me. I am sure it comes from the “takes one to know one” standpoint. But here it is anyway.

The one thing that just removes any respect I might have had for someone is when they are totally not who they pretend to be. I don’t care who you claim to be on your blog, your Facebook, in your conversations, in witty emails. When I look in your eyes and see that you are not who you wish you were it just pisses me off.

For once, have the balls to be what you claim. Badass? Be one. Christian? Really, truly be one. Hypocrite?

No, well…you’re that already.


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