February 3, 2008 by Jo

Ok, ok, I have picked out the prettiest baby name ever should I be blessed to have a little girl someday.

But today I found out that Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter named their new baby Indiana Rose and all I can say is that I LOVE IT!! I love unusual, sentimental names, especially when they’re old fashioned like Rose. My two names are both almost straight Latin and mean “Of High Birth” and “Image”.

Why in the world am I writing about this? Guess I could tell you…

My clock is ticking. And it’s for real this time.

See, as soon as I turned 20 I would claim that my clock was ticking, that I was ready to have a baby, etc. I also thought I was ready to get married (I was wrong, by the way).

But I realized Thursday night, as I watched “The Business of Being Born” (more on that later) surrounded by 450 other women, that I am so ready to be a mom. Weird how it just clicks like that. I called Jeff as soon as I left UAH and scared the crap out of him. Heh.

The clock ticks…and ticks…


5 thoughts on “..hands..

  1. Megan says:

    ahhh the clock…well we know mine’s definately not ticking, especially after the text I sent you last night…:) oh…wait..HA nevermind

  2. amber says:

    The clock, my clock is screaming… get away baby making objects! Haha, you need to be a mom, then I can babysit your sweet chitlins. they will be like my own, except… i can give them back to you.
    you… pregnant, sounds like someones planning to get preggos on their honeymoon night! Get married! have babies!! give me your duplex!!

  3. Jeanette says:

    I don’t think my clock ever got batteries….

  4. Ralph says:


    Wow! This was a really enlightening article.

  5. penny says:

    My husband and i had a baby girl this year in may we called her Indiana Rose she joins her brother Lachlan james and Hunter Thomas our 3 beautiful children good luck having a baby they are a mirical if you get one.

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