..totally blue..


February 2, 2008 by Jo

After much conversation and observation I have decided that our primary election system is totally flawed. Who cares what three states (all smaller and less diverse than Alabama, I might add) have to say? The primary system is simply one big contest, with the winner taking home the prize of national publicity and dollars spent in the state on advertising. GOOD GRIEF.


One thought on “..totally blue..

  1. Katherine says:

    yeah, that’s pretty much politics.

    Um, I miss you.

    And I’m sorry that I didn’t see you when you came here to Birmingham. Unfortunately, my phone has died and my charger isn’t working. To be completely honest, I just slept through dinner and the night. I’m sorry. 😦

    When I come home next (which should be next weekend probably because of this phone ordeal), do you want to have lunch or dinner with me?

    We can discuss the flaws of the primaries together. 🙂



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