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January 21, 2008 by Jo

Why does my blog say that I’m posting my at like 4:13 am? Annoying. It is just about that time, though. Jeff and I have been sitting here playing the Wii for too long. Finally Remote #2 (that being myremote) lost all consciousness so Jeff is obliterating tanks while I lay here thinking about how I have nothing to write.

But then, so many blogger say that and write on. Right on!

I am pleased as punch to have a day off work tomorrow. Hopefully my Gay mother will grace my apartment with her presence as I hope to remove the disgusting, 1987-ish wallpaper in my bathroom.

See, my bathroom is a strange mix of beige and brown (but not a deep blue-brown; a rather drab red-brown) and ever since I moved in almost 4 years ago (wow…it’s been that long already…) I’ve wanted to repaint. However, with this lovely color palate to work from, I’ve been stumped as to what color.

Then, over the Christmas break, I stumbled upon a shower curtain with stripes of my nasty beige, my drab red-brown, teal, and a warm gray. I realized at this point that the tiny flecks in my beige tiles were actually that warm gray tint. Hence the idea to paint the bathroom…gray! However, it being the late eighties wallpaper job that it seems to be means it will be a royal pain in the butt to remove. Plus there is a good bit of spackling and therefore sanding to do once the paper’s off.

My mom, in addition to her other gifts, gave us all receipts for “Gay” hours. We simply call, get on her calendar, and redeem our hours for something we need help with around the house. Jeff already redeemed his to get the new kitchen painted. Now I just need to cash in on mine.

Gay Broad, my mommy. The most amazing mommy ever. Who’ll strip wallpaper for us, even my old yucky wallpaper. Who’ll scrub over 70 door handles, pulls, and henges for my man. Who’ll make us chess (FOODGASM) pie.

Jeff has had enough of the Wii. Goodnight.


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