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January 14, 2008 by Jo

Things you should know today:

-Church was amazing this morning
-Jeff has the best, very best kids ever. One of them opens the door, uses his manners, and reads all. the. time. The other dashes to me and covers me in kisses when I arrive and can sound out words and practically read and hasn’t even turned 4.
-This weekend has been laid back. Totally. Saw Juno again, watched the Colts play and hung out with my guys all day today, had girl time with Lisa and Amber…laid back.
-My birthday weekend in NOLA is shaping up to be totally kick butt. I am pumped.
-A whole ‘nother Panoply will be complete by my birthday…wow.
-My amazing little sister is…amazing. NYC is her heart and soul right now, and it’s a blast to get to hear about it firsthand.
-I would sing Jeff’s praises, too, but he’s begging me to join him on the couch for the Golden Globes (and that’s not a euphemism).


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