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January 11, 2008 by Jo

The work day, and week, is almost over. Had Beauregard’s today for lunch with three of my favorite men and my favorite little girl. Everything with my new volunteer position at Renaissance is going well and I’m glad for the little meetings we have to get everything exactly right.

I feel very lethargic and tired today. Not a lack-of-sleep tired, but a mental tired. Lots of info running through my brain.

Eyes Around played at Crossroads last night and after a rough evening I headed over there to clear my head in the smoky atmosphere. The concert was great of course…I reverted back to the 2004 Jo who was just here to rock. It was nice.

Sometimes I wonder how long the organized church can continue on in the quest to convince people that you should just believe whatever your pastor tells you, reject those who “sin”, and refuse to question anything. Eventually the church as we know it will come to ruin because their members are so saturated with someone else’s beliefs that they don’t know why they practice what they practice. I hope it doesn’t; I hope our churches become filled with peace-loving, open-minded individuals who discern things for themselves instead of taking everything preached at them as scripture. It annoys and angers me. God provided us with much more than a pastor to give us a half hour of guidance a week; he provided the Holy Spirit. It’s time we start recognizing it in our lives. I’m not saying the organized church shouldn’t exist…I’m saying if they were limited to 100 people a piece and cared more about relationship than religion we’d be a lot better off. In my humble opinion.

This comes after several years of serious introspection. I do not want to spout someone else’s wisdom; I crave it for myself. I do not want to vote Republican because the church tells me to; I want to develop my own ideas based on what the Lord leads. I do not want to be the girl that is too busy resting in my own insecurity to see other’s needs and help. I do not want to be someone who smiles and nods, who hears but doesn’t listen.

There is too much going on in the world today for us to be concerned with petty things, like clothes, who’s dating who and so on.


I am SO DONE with Christians buying blindly into the belief that global warming isn’t happening just because Al Gore said so. Look around you!! Even if it’s not “global warming” something significant is happening to our planet, and it’s time to step up and do something about it instead of resting on your laurels. Keep up your polluting, trashy ways and those laurels will be gone.

That leads me to the last thing that has really pushed my buttons lately. Christians who get drunk. I’m not going to go into it except to say that your body is A TEMPLE. Treat it like one. I’ll leave smoking alone for now.

<<end rant>>


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