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December 14, 2007 by Jo

Well, it has happened.

I have arrived.

Tonight, we opened Sanders Family Christmas. To a sold-out audience, per our usual.

In this particular show I play the eldest Sanders child, June. June “cain’t” sing, can only percuss, and isn’t very easy on the eyes.

So she signs.

I wish there were some way to translate to you what I look like. A total doof is the best description. I’m wearing a plaid skirt with matching plaid vest over a cream button down with tights, blue bobby socks, and some of the ugliest shoes I have ever seen. My hair is slicked back away from my face, I don’t wear a stitch of makeup (at least, no more than the requisite base for coverage), and I slouch the entire show.

So on top of all that, I play June very…grumpy. But my signs are jubilant and hilarious…of course I’m only assuming that based on the audience’s INCESSANT gales of laughter and joyous applause IN THE MIDDLE OF A SONG.

Well, considering this was our opening night and had a standing ovation and a crazy response from the audience afterward (such comments as “I saw this in Crossville and your production is way better” and “I’m coming back tomorrow even if I have to kill someone for their seat” prevailed), I’ve decided that I have arrived. I have found my perfect role and I may never walk onstage as any thing else but June (well…except maybe that one role we’ve been talking about…and that one…and that…).

Ahh June…thank you, Bob. Thank you Connie Ray and Alan Bailey. Thank you to my fellow cast members for tolerating my stealing of the stage. I’ll bring it back, I promise.


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