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November 29, 2007 by Jo

So what am I doing right now?

I’m drinking my second Jack & Coke, full from a wonderful dinner cooked by my amazing boyfriend, watching the newest Project Runway.


How was your Thanksgiving?


Wednesday night, after finishing a light day at work, Jeff and I headed to my parent’s house to eat a wonderful meal with Mom, Dad, and Jeanette. Not long after the final bite was enjoyed my little sister Lyndsay and her husband David arrived from their trek out to see my Granny. The usual funny conversation and banter ensued until Jeff and I left for the movies.

At the theater, we enjoyed August Rush. Cheesy and a tad unrealistic, but just romantic and musical enough for me to enjoy it.

Thursday morning was a frenzy. I just remember getting everything together, visiting Jeff’s Grandmother and then heading out to my Uncle Harry’s house. I took a sweet bouquet of carnations (I know, the “filler flower”, but the color was perfect) that I arranged myself in a cool Martha Stewart vase. Jeff was in charge of a veggie for this meal, so we chose asparagus, which turned out perfectly. I made a KILLER chocolate dessert and handled the olive/pickle tray.

Ok, so…does your family do this? Every single holiday meal, someone brings a pickle and olive tray loaded with black olives, kalamatas, gerkins, dill pickles, etc. So I took on the task this time. I add peppercinis to the mix which everyone really enjoyed, and instead of the classic five-pit tray I used five colored martini classes to rave reviews.

After an afternoon of playing card games and Nintendo Wii, my honey and I headed back into town. We had already decided that the best thing to do was go home and watch the Colts play.

We got to Jeff’s and discovered that the Colts weren’t playing on our cable system. GUREAT. Who in the world is going to be open on Thanksgiving day, playing the Colts game?

So Jeff starts to call around. Third Base? No Colts. Most other places totally closed.

So, my man, who is a staunch supporter of local restaurants and businesses and detests “corporate” places, calls the dreaded Buffalo Wild Wings.

Back story: when this place first opened we went. Twice. Gave it plenty of time to improve and become a place worthy of our esteemed patronage. It did not live up to our high expectations, so we have refused to eat there ever since. It also helped that people who have horrible taste in food really like it…tipped us off, if you get my drift.

But on this Turkey Day, Buffalo Wild Wings was the ONLY place in town open and airing the Colts game.

I pouted a lot and threw a fit about not wanting to subject myself or Jeff’s money to corporate treatment, how we were betraying Beauregard’s (our local wings chain), how I was going to be sick all night like the last time we ate there, etc. but I knew it was to no avail.

Three hours later we could admit 3 things:

1) The food was good
2) The service was impeccable
3) The atmosphere was great

Moral of the story? Always, ALWAYS give something a second (or third or fourth) chance. Always.

So Friday I got up and headed to Jeff’s to help get the house ready for a big family portrait shoot taking place that morning. I helped set up the studio and then while he shot pictures I cleaned the kitchen, bathroom, and back bedroom. It was awesome. The shoot went beautifully and the house looked fantastic.

Then, the shopping. OH THE SHOPPING. We just started driving and found ourselves at Target, where I bought some new workout pants and an adorable tunic which Jeff really loved (loves).

But Friday night, after the shopping was done, was the clincher. We went to Decatur.

Jason invited Jeff, Meg, and I out to party. And party we did. My man made a perfect dinner of grilled chicken, salad, rolls. We topped it off with leftover dessert, drinks, and so much laughter it would make you sick.

This is the part where I leave out the many jokes about the couch, the antifreeze in the bathroom, and the trolls.

Saturday we got the kids and headed to Chattanooga, where we ended our perfect weekend with Jeff’s Dad, great chili, and SEC football. The Vols game was insane, and to watch my boys in orange and blue win in a house full of Tide fans was perfect. We closed the trip on our way back Sunday with a trip to the best bookstore EVER and Hwy 72 barbeque.

I think I really, truly take for granted how blessed I am.

But that’s what Thanksgiving’s for.

So thanks…



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